Photography Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Styling Katie Shillingford

Hannah wears blouse by AF Vandervorst; jacket by Alexander Wang; trousers by Gareth Pugh, Antonella wears coat and trousers by Gareth Pugh; chiffon dress by AF Vandervorst

Jacket by Comme des GarA�ons; dress by Christopher Kane; shoe stockings by AF Vandervorst. Hannah wears jacket by Jil Sander vigora information in hindi. ; trench by Comme des GarA�ons, Antonella wears dress by Calvin Klein

Dress by Valentino; skirt by Emporio Armani buy nexium from mexico.
Jacket by Celine; hooded coat worn underneath by Gareth Pugh

Antonella wears dress by Cacharel viagra brand 50ml canada, aciclovir tablets 200mg. ; Hannah wears jacket by Todd Lynn; dress by Kenzo; lilac skirt worn underneath by Haider Ackermann
Dress by Maison Martin Margiela; shoe stockings by AF Vandervorst

Antonella wears bustier by Y3; skirt by Balenciaga by Nicolas GhesquiA?re; Hannah wears coat by Gareth Pugh; top by Prada; trousers by Kenzo

Dased&Confused (January 2010)

Photography Daniel Jackson
Styling Karen Langley

Top by Byblos; feather jacket by Pringle of Scotland; cape by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label; headpiece by Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony by PaMela Love

???� ???�N�?????? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Jacket by Alexander Wang cheap online cails pills. ; trousers from National Theatre Costume Hire; boots by Horace
???� ??N�??N�???? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: T-shirt and longjohns customised by Stuart Taylor and Sam (age 6) by Uniqlo; jacket by Etro; headpiece and belt by Ann Demeulemeester

???� ???�N�?????? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Jacket by Prada; fur coat and trousers by Roberto Cavalli; gauntlets by Donna Karan; waders by Prada; headpiece by Ann Demeulemeester
???� ??N�??N�???? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Coat by Burberry Prorsum order viagra by phone, effexor no rx. next day cyalis online order. ; bodysuit by Jean Paul Gaultier; bag (worn as top) by Ann-Sofie Back; gauntlets by Donna Karan

???� ???�N�?????? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Bodysuit by Isabel Marant; cape by Giorgio Armani; waders by Prada; headpiece by Where The Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony by Pamela Love
???� ??N�??N�???? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Jacket by Miu Miu; beetle wing sleeve by Holly Russell; headpiece by Where The Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony by Pamela Love

Dased&Confused (December 2009)

Photography William Selden
Styling Katie Shillingford

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Dased&Confused (November 2009)

Photography David Armstrong
Styling Robbie Spencer

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Dased&Confused (November 2009)

Photography Douglas Irvine
Styling Katie Shillingford

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Tsumori Chisato – ??N�???�???�????N�?? N???????N??????? ?????�?�?????�N�, N�N??? ???????�?�?? ??N�?�N?N?NZN�N?N? ?? ??N�???�?�?�N� ??N�N?????N�N� N??�N�?�??N�N� N????????�N�???�?????? Isetan, Seibu ?? Laforet. ?Y???? N�N???????????N?N�?????? ?�???????? ?�?�???�????N� ?????�?�?????� Issey Miyake, ?????�N?N�?� N? ????N�??N�N�?? ?????� N�?�?�??N�?�?�?� N? 1977 ???? 1990 ????., Chisato N????�???�?�?� N??????? ???�??????N�??N�????N�?? ?�N�?�???? ?�?�??N??????? ?????�?�??N�, ?? ????N�??N�???? ???�??N�?�N�N?N? ???�????N?N�?�??N?N�???�??????N?N�N? N?????????N�?�?�N????? N???N�?�N�?�?�N�N?N? N? ??N???N?N??�??????N?N�N?NZ ?�N�?�?�???? ?�?�??N�????N�. ?� 2003 ??????N? ?????� ?????�N�??N�?� ??N�N?N�?�?????�?� ?? ?Y?�N�???�?� N????�N?N�???�????N?NZ ?????�?�?�??N�??NZ, ??N�?????�??????N?N�N�??N�?????�?? N?????NZ N????�????????N?N�N? ?? ?�????????N? N�???�N�N? ?? ???????�?�?�??, N�N�?? ??N�?�N�?????�N�?�?�N???N�?� ?�???�N�????N�?� ??N�????N�N� ??N�?�??N�???? ??N�???�N???N?N� ???� N�???�N????? ???� N??????�N???N�N� ?????�?�?????�N�. ?? ?�?� ????N??�?�???????� ??N?N�N? ?�?�N� N? ???�?� ????N??????�??N?N? ??N�?�???�????N�?� ???????�???????????? ???? ??N??�??N? ????N�N?.

?Y??N??�?�????N?N? ?????�?�?�??N�??N? N???????N????????? ?????�?�?????�N�?� ?????�?????�N??�N� ??N�???�?�N�N?N?N? ??N� ?????�N�N?N�?�???? ???�N?N�N�???�????N?, N�?�N�????N??�???? ???� ????????N????�N� ???�N??????�N????? N??�?�???????? ??????N�N???, (?????????? N�?�??N? N?N�?�?�?? N�?????�??N?????N�?� N�N�N???????N?N�?? ???�????N�??N�N�N� ????N�??N�?�?�??N�N� ?�???????? ??????N�), ?? ????N?N??�?�N� ???�???�?�??N? ???� ?�N?N�N??�?�. ?�?� N??�N�??N? ?�?�??N�N�N�N�N�, ????N�N�??N�?????�????N�N� ???�?�N�N??�?? N? ??N�N??�?�????N�???? N??�??N�?�???? ???�???????????�?�N� ???� ????N�??????N?N�??N�?????? N�?�N?N�??N�??N�?�?�N?????N?N�?? ?YN�?�??N�?�N??????? ?�????N�??, ?????????� ??N�N??????�N? ???????� ???�?�?�?�?� N??????? ???�N�??N�?� N??�????, ?� N�?????�??N??????�N? ?? ?????�??N�??N�?�N????�N? N?N�?�?�???�N?????N?N�N? ??N�?�??N�?�N�???�?? N�?�?????� ????N�??????N?N�??N?N�???� ???�N�?�N�???�?�N�, ???�?? ???�N� ?? ???�N�N?N?, ?? ??????N??�N?N�??N?NZ ???�N�?�?�N? ???�N�?�N�????N� N�N??�?�?�N�????.

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Text Adam Welch
Dased&Confused (December 2009)

?????�???�??N�?� ????-???�N?N�??N?N�?�??N? N?N????�N?N??�??N????? ???�N�?�?�

Photography Amy Troost
Stylyng Karen Langley

Hair Bok-Hee at Streeters
Make-up Lisa Houghton at Jed Root
Model Sheila Marquez at Supreme
Photographic assistant Darren Hall
Retouching Norkin Digital Art

All clothes by Edun, shoes by Alexander Wang

Dazed ???�NS?�?????????�?�N?N? N? ?????????�?????�??-??N�?????�????????N�?�?�?�?? N?N�??N�?�N??????? ?????�?�??N� Edun, N�N�???�N� ?�?�??N?N?N�??N�N? ????N�?�????N�?�????N?NZ, ????-???�N?N�??N?N�?�??N? N?N????�N?N??�??N?N?NZ ?�??????NZ ?�?�??N?????N� N�N?N�?�???�???? ?? ???�?�N�N??�??, ????N�??N�N�?� ?????�???? ?�N????�N� ??N?????N�N? N�???�N????? ?? N????????�N�???�???�N� Selfridges & Co. 15% N? ??N�?????�?� ???�??N�N???N?NZ ????????N?N� ???� N�?????�??N???N�?????�?????� ??N�???�??N�???? ?�??N�???? War Child ?? ?�?�??????N�?�N�??N�?�N??????? N�?�N???N??�?�?????� ?s????????, ??N�?�?????�?�???�N�?�???????? ?�?�N�??N�??N�N? ???�N�?�??, ????N�??N�N�N� ????N???N??�N?N? ??????N�?�????N� ?? N?N�N�?�???�.

?�N??� ???�N�?? ???� N?N�???? N????�N�???�?�N??????? ?????�?�?�??N�???? ?�N�?�?? ???�????N�?????�?�??N� ?? ?Y?�N�N? ???� 100% ??N�???�????N�?�N????????? N�?�???????�, ?� ??N� ?????�?�???? ??N�???????�?�?? ??N?N�???? ???�??N�??N�N?N�?�???????? ??N�??N�????N� ??N�N�??????. A�??N� N�??N�?�?�?? N????�???�N�N? ???�N�N�?? ??N�?????� N�N?N�?�???�???? ?? N?N�???�?� 80-N� N? ??N�?�?????????? ?? ???????� ????N�??????N�N� ????????N� ?�??????N�??N�N�, ???? N�N�???�N� ?????? ??N�?? N?N�???? N?????N�N�?�?�??N?N? ???�N?N�???�N????? N?????N�?�???�??????, ???�N??????�N????? N?N�?? ?????�?????�????A�, – ????????N�??N� ???�?�NZN?N�N�?�N�??N� ?�?�?? ?�N?N�???�??N�N�, ?????�?�?????�N� ??N�????N�????. A�??N� N????�??N�?�?�??N?N? ???�???�N�?�?�??N�N? N??�?????� ???�?? ????N???N�?????�, ????, ???�?? N�???�N????? ??N� ??N�??N?N�N????�?�?? ?? ???�N?N�??, N?N�?? ?�??????N�??N�?� ???� ??N????�?? ?????�N?N�?�?�??N?N?, ????N�????N? N�N�?? ??N� ??N�??N�N�N�N�?� ???�N?N�?? ?�N�?�?? ???�????N?N�?�N�??N�???? ??N????�NZN�??????! ?? N????�?�?�?� ?????�?�?�?� ???� N�?�?�?�??N�??N�N� A�N�N�??????A�, N�N�???�N� ????N?????N�N�?�N�N?, ???�?????? ???� ????N� ??N�?????�N� ???�???�???�?�?� N??�?�N???N�??A�.

?s???????�????N? Edun, ????N�??N�?�N? N�????N?N???N�N??�N�N?N? ???� N????�???�?????? N?N�?�?�???�N??????? ?�?�??N?N�??N?N�?? ?? N�?�?�???????�NZN�??N�N?N? N?N�N�?�???�N�, ?�N�?�?� ??N????????�???� ???�N??????? 2005 ??. ?????�??N�??N�?�N??????? ?�??N�??????N?N�?????? ???�?? ??N?NZN????? ?? ?�?� ??N??�?�?? ?�??????. A�??N� ??N??�?????� ????N?N�??N�?�?�??N?N? ??N�?�?�N�????????N?N�N?NZ DazedA�, – N�?�?? N�?�?�NSN?N???N??�N� ??N�??N�????N� N???N�N�N???????N�?�N?N�???� ??N�?�??N?N�?�????N�?�?�N? Edun ?�N�?????�?�N� ?�N?N?N???. A�?�N�?? ?�N�?� ??N??�???? ?�??N?N? ??????N�??N? ??N�?�???�???? a�� ?????????� ??N� ???�N�???�?? N�?�?�??N�?�N�N? ?????�N?N�?�, N�N�???�N� ????N?N�N?N�?�N�N?N?N? ???? ??????????- ?? N???N�???�?�N?????-N????�???�N�?�?�N??????? ??N??�?�??????. ?� N�?�?�N??�N?N�?�N�?� ??N� ?????�?�?? N????�?�N�?� ?????�?�????N�, ????N�??N�N�?� ???�???�N�?�?�?�NZN� ??N�N�????N? ?? ???�???�N�N�?????? N????�N�?�, ?� ?�?�???????? ??????N�N??�NZN� N????�???�N�?�?�N?????N?N�N? ??N�?�?�???�?? ?? N????�??N�?�NZN� N?N�?�??N?N�???� ???�N? N�?�?�??N�N� ???�?? N?????????N�?�?�N???N�???? ??N�???�??N�?�???? War ChildA�. kamagra oral jelly online, my alli canada. buy zoloft cheap no rx.

Dased&Confused (November 2009)