?�N�NZ???? Tsumori Chisato

25 февраля, 2010

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Art.TCtrs, 2990 1330 N�N??�.A�
?�N�NZ???? Tsumori Chisato. ?�?�?�???�??N�??N�?� ?�N�NZ???? ???� ??N�?�??N�???????? ???�??N�???????? N�?�???????????????? ?�N�?�?�N??� ???� N???N�???????? ????N?N??� N? N�?�?�??????????. ????????N�?? N?N??�?�NZN�????N?N? ???????� ??N�????, ???? ?????�N? – ???�?�?�??N??????� ?????�?????? ???� ?�????????N�N� N????�N�.

100% cotton

???�N? N????�?�??N�?�????N? ???�?�???? ???� ???�N�N�??????N? N????�?�?�N�N? ?�?�???�?�

?�?�?�?????�N� Oa�?siweila

25 февраля, 2010

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Art.OSjmr, 2790 950 N�N??�.
?�?�?�?????�N� Oa�?siweila. ?�?�?�?????�N� ???� ??N�N??????????�N�?�N?N�???�?????????? N�N�??????N�?�?�?�. ????????N�?? N?????N�??N�?�????N�?? N�?�N????? ?? ??N�?????????�?�N???N�?? N�N�?�??N?N�??N�????N�N?NZN�????N?N? ??N�????.


30% wool

15% viscose

15% tencel

40% acrylic

???�N? N????�?�??N�?�????N? ???�?�???? ???� ???�N�N�??????N? N????�?�?�N�N? ?�?�???�?�

?Y?�?�N�N??� Point line

25 февраля, 2010

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Art.PLdrs, 3290 fsa diet pills, apetamin pills. 1230 N�N??�.
?Y?�?�N�N??� Point line. ??N�?????� ???????????� ???�?�N�N??�-N�N?N�?�N?N� N? N�???�N�??N�???? N�?�?�???????�???? ???� ??N�?�??N�???????? ???�??N�???????? N�?�???????�. ???� N??????????� ?�?�N?N�?�?�???� ???� ?????�??????.


?�?�N�N�: 100% cotton

?Y???????�?�?? : 100% viscose

???�N? N????�?�??N�?�????N? ???�?�???? ???� ???�N�N�??????N? N????�?�?�N�N? ?�?�???�?�

Photography Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Styling Katie Shillingford

Hannah wears blouse by AF Vandervorst; jacket by Alexander Wang; trousers by Gareth Pugh, Antonella wears coat and trousers by Gareth Pugh; chiffon dress by AF Vandervorst

Jacket by Comme des GarA�ons; dress by Christopher Kane; shoe stockings by AF Vandervorst. Hannah wears jacket by Jil Sander vigora information in hindi. ; trench by Comme des GarA�ons, Antonella wears dress by Calvin Klein

Dress by Valentino; skirt by Emporio Armani buy nexium from mexico.
Jacket by Celine; hooded coat worn underneath by Gareth Pugh

Antonella wears dress by Cacharel viagra brand 50ml canada, aciclovir tablets 200mg. ; Hannah wears jacket by Todd Lynn; dress by Kenzo; lilac skirt worn underneath by Haider Ackermann
Dress by Maison Martin Margiela; shoe stockings by AF Vandervorst

Antonella wears bustier by Y3; skirt by Balenciaga by Nicolas GhesquiA?re; Hannah wears coat by Gareth Pugh; top by Prada; trousers by Kenzo

Dased&Confused (January 2010)

Photography Daniel Jackson
Styling Karen Langley

Top by Byblos; feather jacket by Pringle of Scotland; cape by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label; headpiece by Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony by PaMela Love

???� ???�N�?????? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Jacket by Alexander Wang cheap online cails pills. ; trousers from National Theatre Costume Hire; boots by Horace
???� ??N�??N�???? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: T-shirt and longjohns customised by Stuart Taylor and Sam (age 6) by Uniqlo; jacket by Etro; headpiece and belt by Ann Demeulemeester

???� ???�N�?????? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Jacket by Prada; fur coat and trousers by Roberto Cavalli; gauntlets by Donna Karan; waders by Prada; headpiece by Ann Demeulemeester
???� ??N�??N�???? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Coat by Burberry Prorsum order viagra by phone, effexor no rx. next day cyalis online order. ; bodysuit by Jean Paul Gaultier; bag (worn as top) by Ann-Sofie Back; gauntlets by Donna Karan

???� ???�N�?????? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Bodysuit by Isabel Marant; cape by Giorgio Armani; waders by Prada; headpiece by Where The Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony by Pamela Love
???� ??N�??N�???? N?N�N�?�????N�?�: Jacket by Miu Miu; beetle wing sleeve by Holly Russell; headpiece by Where The Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony by Pamela Love

Dased&Confused (December 2009)

ikat_ks?�?�??N�N�?�?�N??????�?�???�N�N??????� ?????�N�N� XIX – ???�N�?�?�?� XX ????, – N??�??N�?� ???�N�?�N?N�???�????N�?� ?? ???�N?N�??N�?� ?�?� ??N?NZ ?????�??N?NZ ??N?N�??N�??NZ N?N�???? N�?�N�?????�????????. ?�N??�?????� ????N�?�N�?�N???N�?� ??N�???�???�??N�N�, ?�????N�?� ???�N?N�N�?�????N�?� N�???�N�?� a�� N?N�???? ??????N?N� ????N�???�N?N�?�N�N?N?N? ???�?�???????�?�????N�?�, N?????????N�?�?�N???N�?� ?????�N�N�. ???�N�?????? A�?????�N�A� ??N�????N?N�??????N� ??N� ???�?�?�??N????????? N??�?????� A�mengikatA�, N�N�?? ???�???�N�?�?�N� A�N???N??�N�???�N�N?A�. ?????�N�???? ???�?�N�???�?�N�N?N? ???�N�???? N???N�N?N�?????�????N? ?? ????N??�?�??N?NZN�?�???? ????N�?�N??????�????N? N�???�????, ????N�??N�?�N? ?? N�?�?�N??�N?N�?�N�?� ??N�?????�N�?�N�?�?�N� N????????�?�N???N�?? ?????�?�???? ?? ??N�?�N???N�??N?NZ N�?�N?N�???�N�??N? (N??�??N�?�N? ?????�N�???? ???�?�N�???�NZN� ???� N�???�N????? N??�?? ??N�??N�?�N?N? ???�N�?�?�??N�????, ???? ?? N�???�??N?, ?????�N?N�?�????N?NZ ?? N�?�?�N??�N?N�?�N�?� N�?�?????? ???�N�?�?�??N�????). ?YN�?�?????�N�??N�?�?�N????? ?�?�????N�?????�?�????N?NZ ???�??????N?NZ N??�?�??????N?NZ ?????�?�??N? ???�N�N????????�NZN� ?? ?�?�??N??�N�???�NZN� ???� N??�??N�?????? N�?�?????� ?? ?�?�N�?�?�?????? (N????�N�???�?�N??????? ???�N?N�?�N�N??????? ???�N? N???N�N?N�?????�????N? ?????�N�?�). ?�N�?�N�?�????N�?? ??N�???�???�??N� ??N�???�?�N?NZN� ??N�??N�?�?�?�?? ??N�N????? ???� ???�???�?�???? a�� N�N�???�N� N�N??????�?????? N??????? ????N�?�???�?�??N�N?, ???�?????� ???�?�?�N?N�?? ???�N? ???�????N� N�???�N�???? ??N�?�?????�?�???�N�?�??N�. ?�?�N�?�?? ?????�?�??N? ??N�?�?????? ???�??N??�N�???�NZN� N�?�??????????N�???? ???�N�?�?????�???? ?? ??????N�N�???�NZN� ????N??????? ?? N�?�N� ???�N?N�?�N�, ????N�??N�N�?� ???� ?????�?�??N� ????N�?�N???N�N?N?N? ?? ???�N�?????? ??N�?�N????�N??????? ???�?????�. ?Y??N??�?� ?�?� ??N�??N�?�???�N?NZN� ?? ??N�?�N????�N?????, ?????� ???� ???�?� ???�????N???N�N?N? ??N�?�N????�, ?? N????????� ?????�??N�?�N�?�NZN� ?? N�???�N�?????� ???�N?N�?�N�N??????�. ?YN�??N�?�N?N? ??????N�??N�N??�N�N?N? ???? N�?�N� ????N�, ???????� N�??N?N??????? ???� ?�N????�N� ?????�????N?N�N?NZ ????N�????, ?? ???�???�?�???� ?????�?�N� ??N?N�?�N??�N?N�???????�N�N? ???? ??N�?�N????�N???N??? ????N?N�?�N�??N�???? ?????�????, ?? ?�?�????N???????N?N�?? ??N� N??�???�????N?N�?? N??�??N�?� ?? ?????�??N�?�N?N�???� ??N??????�N??�N??�??N�N� N�???�N�????.

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Photography William Selden
Styling Katie Shillingford

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Dased&Confused (November 2009)

Photography David Armstrong
Styling Robbie Spencer

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Dased&Confused (November 2009)

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Photography Douglas Irvine
Styling Katie Shillingford

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Text Adam Welch
Dased&Confused (December 2009)